April 20, 2010

I have to SHOUT!!

I long to daily share the love and power of my Jesus with those all around. Just as Psalm 71 says... I may not be skilled with words, yet I long to proclaim His saving power! God is beyond evident and He's continually moving like crazy, and I can no longer hold it all in... my heart absolutely has to SHOUT His praise and declare His glory!

My Jesus is always moving and speaking, but the past month has been crazy amazing! Just in the past 4 weeks I have seen God move and heard Him speak clearer than ever. Every time a question has been raised He has immediately answered, and He continually speaks confirmation through His Word. My fam and I aren't really ones to jump up and down at the thought of moving, especially when we've been in Gordo forever. When Dad built the house that we're in now, it was supposed to be the 'last' house, not one that we would end up selling after 8 years. Never in a million years did my fam and I think we would move to inner-city Birmingham. Never ever did it cross our minds that we would be part of the core group, planting a church in inner-city Birmingham. Although we never would've imagined it all to look like this, we've each had a longing that God was calling our family to something more, and it just so happens that it's planting a church and becoming missionaries to inner-city Birmingham... who would’ve known?!

But not just so we can plant a 'church'... we want to be a racially, ethnically, and socially diverse church where people can come together and worship our King. Not just that, we want to extend it beyond 4 walls... we want to be a body that extends out to the lost and broken world that sits in our backyard. We want to go into the lands where no one else will. We want to minister to the broken and poor, to the lost and confused... regardless of whether they shower everyday or haven't showered in months...regardless of whether they live in a multi-million dollar home or in a small make-shift cardboard box...regardless of whether they can afford to wear Dolce&Gabbana and Armani or just a simple shirt and pants that they happened to find in the trash can nearby...regardless of whether they are black, white, purple, green, brown, red, and every other color in the 64 count crayon box...we just simply want to shower them with the amazing love of our Jesus and share His saving power. We want to raise up what the world sees as hopeless and dying into a God-fearing generation.

To most it seems crazy and on the verge of complete insanity, but to our family and the others involved it's beyond amazing. The opportunities are endless... feeding 10,000+ people a week, showing girls and boys what it’s like to have a mother and a father, going into homes teaching them what it’s like to be a family, giving immunization shots, giving out immigration cards, opening up our home to the homeless, teaching English classes, taking in babies of teenage moms and caring for them, and tons more! It’s not just the fact that the opportunities are endless, but that our hearts desires and our dreams as a family and as individuals will be able to be fulfilled! God has called our family to go and to share His love with those considered ‘untouchable’, and we couldn’t be happier! For a family that never would’ve considered moving, we absolutely cannot wait to move!

As each day passes, my Jesus continues to show me new things and continues to confirm. Yes, moving means that we have to leave some things behind, but what we are entering into is beyond amazing. There is absolutely nothing better than being smack dab in the middle of His will! Yes, some days will be harder than others, but we know that our Jesus is with us every single step of the way! So once again, just as Psalm 71 says, though my fam and I aren’t skilled with words, we are clinging to our Jesus and running into inner-city Birmingham to proclaim His saving power and to share His mighty love! My fam and I covet your prayers as we continue in this journey.


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  1. Amem. Jesus will do great things in your life and through you for His glory and for the extension of His kingdom. May your focum be kept in Jesus all the way so you can reflect His glory. Be salt and light in the world.
    ALLAN - Fortaleza - Brazil