March 3, 2011

Until then.

Here in His arms my soul rests.

It’s in His love that my heart is calmed.

In His presence I know they are found, safe and sound.

His love abounds, reassuring of His peace.

Reassuring of His strength, a strength unlike any other.

For now I sit.

I sit with a longing, a stirring.

A desire to see their faces.

A desire to feel their embraces.

A yearning remains.

A yearning to pray.

To pray with them.

To reach a realm of the heavenlies, a realm unknown to men.

A longing lingers.

A longing to leave.

To leave the ways of mediocrity.

To leave the ropes of entanglement.

To leave the ways of ordinary.

To leave the ways of easy and safe.

A longing to run.

To run into the ways of love, a love unhindered.

To run into hope, a hope rooted in Him.

To run into different and free.

To run into complicated and dangerous.

To run knowing He’s carrying me through.

This moment I shall soon see.

This moment I shall soon know.

For now I wait.

For now I seek.

For now I long.

For now I call out, calling out to my King.

He knows my heart and its desires.

Its desire to run.

Its desire to be there.

Mexico and no where else.

He knows.

And longs.

Just as I do.

A season is brewing.

A season of adventure.

A season of unhindered abandonment to Him.

A season of love, a love so pure.

A season of growing.

For soon I shall see their faces.

I shall feel their embraces.

For soon I shall be reunited.

Until that moment.

Until that day.

Until then, I sit and I wait.


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