May 13, 2010

Sitting in wonder, clinging to my Creator.

I'm holding tight to my King, yet it all seems

to be falling fast.

the enemy sees it as a battle won, but oh there's

so much more to come.

it all may be blurred, but I refuse to sit still.

though the music may seem faded, my heart

still hears every word.

into the arms of my Maker I fall, and in His

steps I follow.

dancing to the sound of His song over me.

my thoughts are lost and unsure of where to go.

but those of my Jesus are firm and forever.

my heart aches at the single thought of a door

slowly closed.

yet my heart rejoices in His will fulfilled.

lost and confused I sit before my Creator.

my heart spilt before Him.

with nothing but myself, I offer it all to Him.

with my heart before Him and myself in

His hands, I step down.

I step down from the tree.

I refuse to leave until I fully understand.

no, it won't all make sense.

but at least there will be peace.

peace that surpasses all understanding.

I continue to wonder how much longer.

how much longer until it's done.

until it's complete.

until it makes perfect sense.

that is the day I long for.

but even without answers.

without complete understanding.

without clear direction.

without total peace.

I run.

I run to you.

my David.

my Zacchaeus.

my Nicodemus.

my warrior.

I run with my whole heart.

though it makes no sense, my heart still

longs to pray.

to pray for you.



neither matter.

I flood the feet of my King with overflowing tears.

the cries of my heart are made known.

questions consume my mind.

yet my soul is still.

I float upon clouds of peace.

I see you near.

with a mind filled with wonder and a soul

that is still.

I refuse to let go.

cling tight.

that is what I will do.

in the blurriest moments I will run.

I will run in faith.

I will continue to expect only amazing things.

my heart will still pray and my soul will still love.

your warrior I will still be.

my soul can't help but sing.

my heart can't help but dance.

sitting in wonder, clinging to my Creator.


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  1. You're a pretty fantastic young lady! I'm glad we are friends.