May 26, 2010

Forgiveness...a beautiful thing.

How many times do you sit, thinking there is absolutely no way that God could ever forgive you? That there is no way that He could ever actually want to take the time to forgive your every sin. Do you ever have those days when you feel so lost and confused by the enemy and his temptations? Have you ever fallen face first into sin and felt as thought God would never forgive you? Do you ever feel as though your sin is just simply way too big for Him to forgive? Are you ever overwhelmed by just the thought of sin?

Tonight during bible study we dug into Psalm 65. As we were reading, verse 3 really hit me hard; it was as if God was sitting beside me yelling it at me.

"Though we are overwhelmed by our sins, You forgive them all."

Psalm 65:3

I've read this verse a gazillion times and each time God's spoken, but tonight He decided to yell. In just a handful of words you see grace, mercy, redemption, forgiveness, and love.

Dig deep into your imagination and imagine with me for just a minute...Imagine that you are in God's place. Imagine that you created every living thing. Imagine that you came to earth and walked and lived among your people. Imagine that you became a living sacrifice for your people; that you endured extreme pain and suffering on their behalf. Imagine that you allowed yourself to be mocked, stripped naked, your skin ripped to shreds, placed upon a cross, nails to be driven into your hands and feet, and a crown of thorns placed upon your head so that your people may experience eternal life. Imagine that though you suffered greatly, died, and rose again all so that they may live; your people continue to daily fail you. Imagine that even though your people believe completely in you, they continue to fall into sin.

Let's come back to reality...If you and I were in God's place forgiveness probably wouldn't even exist, and love would come and go. Praise Jesus that's not the case, that you and I aren't in His place. The beauty of this verse is that it's real. God truly does love us unconditionally, and even though He absolutely cannot stand any ounce of sin, He still offers us complete and total forgiveness.

On those days when you seem to be overwhelmed and tangled up in sin, know that He is only a heart cry away. When you can't seem to find your way out, know that He is sitting there waiting for you to grab hold of His hand. Know that His forgiveness is real; that it's complete. There is absolutely NO sin too horrible or too big for His forgiveness. We ALL fall EVERY single day, and He offers us TOTAL forgiveness EVERY single time we fall.

However, His forgiveness isn't something that we should take for granted and think, 'oh, well I can indulge in this sin, He'll forgive me. All I have to do is just ask.' His forgiveness isn't meant to be a bandaid to put over sin to try and make it better, just so we can go indulge in it all over again in 30 minutes, and return only to get another bandaid of forgiveness. No, it's when we come to Him with a completely broken and repentant heart that He forgives us.

I pray that you would see forgiveness in a whole new way, that you would see it's realness. I pray that you would daily dig deep in Jesus and run from temptation. I pray that when you do fall, you wouldn't become overwhelmed, but that you would seek deep into Jesus and truly long for His forgiveness. I pray that you would daily be renewed as His mercies are new every morning. I pray that you would begin to fall more in love with your Maker like never before. I pray that He would use you in a mighty way each and every day. I pray that you would grab hold of this verse, and that you would experience His complete forgiveness in a new and beautiful way.


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