June 3, 2010

beautifully AMAZING...

Sorry it’s taken me so long to update all of you. The internet has been down since Tuesday. It’s been crazy busy here, but totally amazing! Monday we spent the morning half of the day in the mountains… we visited several different families and were able to pray with each one. I really wish there was some way that I could fully describe to you how beautifully amazing the people here are. They bring a whole new meaning to the word, beautiful. When you look past their feet coated in dirt and their rags of clothing, you see the most beautiful people in the entire world. Especially those who do know Jesus… they have a glow that’s like no other!

I was also able to go Monday afternoon and see all of my beautiful babies at the orphanage. The whole time I was there I ended up pushing Marta in the swing. Something as simple as pushing a child in a swing was absolutely amazing! The entire time I pushed her she laughed her little heart out… she was so stinkin’ adorable! Getting to see those precious babies was absolutely incredible. They were all so happy, running around like the precious kids they deserve to be. Being able to finally love on my sweet babies again made my heart smile like crazy!

Tuesday was full of delivering food account receipts, running errands, and getting everything situated before the rest of the team arrived Tuesday afternoon. Before we headed out to Peña Blanca to run errands, we stopped by to visit and pray for Kenya. She is a beautiful lady who has had to endure several tumors in her throat for several months. The tumors have caused her to be in continual pain and have caused her throat to swell and begin to close up. It’s become so bad that she can barely speak. Before we began praying, we asked her if there was anything else that she wanted us to pray for other than her throat and the tumors. She told us a few things, and off to praying we went. I truly do wish that I could describe to you how incredible the time of prayer was. As great as it was, the best had yet to show up…as we were leaving her house, Kenya told us that the last time she went to the doctor EVERY tumor was GONE COMPLETELY and all she’s having to deal with now is getting her muscles in her throat back to normal again. There’s not a word to describe the amazingness of that moment.

Once we left there we went into Peña Blanca and ran a ton of errands. I have to say there is nothing more fun than riding in the back of a truck, hanging on for dear life while riding through the streets of Honduras! The driving here is total insanity…yet TONS of fun! After running to the bank, grocery store, and several other places it was time for lunch. We decided to stop in town and eat instead of coming back to the hotel. Y’all… I have never had a more precious lunch experience than I did Tuesday. It was so full of love. We ordered and received our food (which was extremely yummy!), and about midways into us eating, José, an absolutely precious little boy, came in and sat at the counter. The look on his face was one of complete hunger; his little tummy was slightly swollen. It was something that we all knew we had to fix, especially since we had the means to sitting right in front of us. Granted most of us were just about done eating and had only a little left. However God already knew the details. Don’t you just love how He works! We ended up giving him almost two full plates of food, and I have never seen a more grateful child. He was beyond beautiful. Needless to say, he walked out of there with a full tummy and the sweetest smile on his beautiful face!

The past four days have been full of nothing less than total love and amazingness! Tuesday we began the construction work for two houses, one in Zapoté and the other in Buena Vista. We also began the medical clinic Tuesday, where I spent all day praying over people and sharing the love and message of Jesus. Jesus absolutely rocked that place and the angels were partying in heaven like crazy! There were 10+ added to the kingdom Tuesday! We moved the medical clinic into Zapoté yesterday, and 17 more were added to the kingdom and 7 rededicated. Throughout this week we will continue with the construction and medical clinic, but we will also be doing 3 different women’s bible studies and children’s bible studies towards the end of the week. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to press in and share the love of our King!

**As far as the rain goes… last night was the first time it has rained since we’ve been here, and it was only for about 30 minutes. Praise Jesus! The roads up the mountain are still not too great, but are getting better! Please continue to be praying!**

Thank you all so much for the prayers! Please keep them coming!


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